About Gandhar Solutions

We are a fast progressing consultancy recruitment provider for the management consultancy industry. Gandhar Solutions work with only a selected number of clients, but we service their complete business staffing needs and requirements such as, interim and contract staffing, recruitment of people starting from consultant level, passing through director and reaching partner level on a permanent basis. We advise the major players in the market on how they should manage their opportunities and critical issues related to strategy, marketing, finance, operations, human resource, organization, IT and M&A across all the industry types.

Our team of experts focuses exclusively on the management consultancy industry. We have a pool of adequate consultancy knowledge as well as recruitment experience. Our major competencies are- Operational improvement, technological innovation, marketing and creativity, customer strategy, performance improvement, change management, strategic management. Our sector coverage includes- Financial services, ITI, ITES, Banking, media, pharmaceuticals, Voluntary/ public sector, technology, telecom, Life sciences and energy and utilities.

All the management consultancy firms require a special access to specialist consultants in order to meet their complex project management requirements from time to time. The management consultancies also need to raise their scale to manage any increase in demand. Recognizing this need, we pioneer in providing proper management of resources on demand for consulting firms and make available the “consulting minds” to meet their diverse project requirements. We have adopted a unique approach towards the traditional change management and bring about effective results.

We specialize in attracting the best of the talented management consultants in the consultancy industry internationally. We offer superior quality recruitment services and network extensively with the leading business schools and companies from the industry. We are grateful to those clients who refer our specialized services to their respective colleagues. We sponsor many major educational events as well as industry gatherings at the leading business schools, and also deliver speeches on their main events. In addition, our consultancy, management hosts many alumni events for the major consulting companies.

We try to deliver true and effective results to our clients, concentrating on strategic management decisions and practical actions tailored to client’s exotic reality. Together, we create insights to work on, locate the value across nations, and energize our team to enjoy everlasting success. We are extremely passionate about always doing the correct things for our customers, our communities, our people, even if it is not at all easy to do so.


We are a unique management consulting firm and interim consultant recruitment providers.

"Our mission is to partner with our customers to help them become even more successful and innovative, by assisting them in growing and resourcing their teams and businesses more effectively and efficiently, and to offer the clients proper guidance and assistance to develop them further in their respective careers.”

With thousands of management consulting projects being executed across various industry sectors globally, our experienced team of specialists is renowned for their execution excellence as well as successful strategy work for you and your company. We are also trying to make a little effort to reduce unemployment in our country by offering excellent job opportunities to the deserving candidates.


Our vision is to collaborate with the customers, deliver them world class consultancy recruitment, add value to their efforts, and offer customer insights to work on, concentrate on strategic decisions, energize the teams, and deliver effective results and resourcing solutions.

We aspire to be the leading management consulting firm which is highly empowered by innovation, by striking a perfect balance between strategy and focussed attention. We aim to meet our client’s expectations effectively and deliver valuable results to them by adopting a pragmatic and diverse approach. We aim to adopt a practical approach to meet our client’s unique requirements and tailor our solutions according to their needs.


Since the very inception of our team, we have experienced strong innovation and leadership of our experienced and culturally rich management team. Our management team represents some of the most highly qualified and experienced specialists in the industry. Our team of experienced specialists consist of very highly talented management consultants and leading research professionals. Each team member tries to bring out the best possible results by displaying extensive commitment and dedication towards work. Jointly, we have many decades of recruitment experience in the management consultancy sector nationally as well as internationally.

We are an experienced management consulting firm who can hire or recruit at all the levels of management, including the Partner and Director of the organization, and undertake highly sensitive search assignments along with contingent and contract/ interim recruitment. This is only possible because of our team. We network extensively within the management consulting industry and maintain contacts among other firms.

We have a large network of growing team presence in many parts of the world. In short, we have a team of passionate professionals who are committed to share their vision and values.