Business Opportunity

People who would love to become entrepreneurs can make use of golden business opportunities available with Gandhar Solutions. We seek like minded people with extensive experience and knowledge about the field of consulting and recruiting in various niche areas. One can opt for either of the two opportunities available with us-

Franchise Model

Professionally experienced people gain go for a stimulating experience of identifying talented people in different niches and getting a perfect fit for potential employers. Our Franchise operations are not only easily accessible, but also helps in generating lucrative revenue. With this model, you can also enjoy a free hand in making your model successful and a rival to the best. Strategy as well as business model will be provided to you, you just need to implement it and add some of your professional expertise to make it a resounding success.

Referral Model

You can also be a part of our Referral model that is totally metric driven. After registering with us, on the basis of the number of candidates referred by you and finally selected by the employers is going to fetch you a handsome fee. High performers can earn handsomely By this model, we are trying to build a referral culture that is cost effective and results in high retention rates.